Public Health Grand Rounds April 3, 2015 12:00-1:00pm

PUBLIC HEALTH GRAND ROUNDS Linking Research to Community Health Improvement Jointly sponsored by the Department of Public Health Sciences & URMC Center for Community Health Walk With Them: Lessons from the 2014 URMC Student Hotspotters Presented by members of the URMC Hotspotters Team: Erin Bulleit, Medical Student; Lyanette Rivera, MSW Student; Matthew Yacobucci, Pharmacy Student; Karrah Hurd, RN (also pictured: Telva Olivares, MD, Faculty Mentor; Rebecca Knight, RN, Joshua Back, Medical Student) Popularized by the 2011 Atul Gawande article profiling Dr. Jeffrey Brenner of the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers in Camden, NJ, “hotspotting” is the practice of identifying patients within your community who have complex care needs and social situations that lead to frequent and preventable contacts with the medical system- particularly costly ED visits and hospital admissions. From mining data and analyzing the common threads in these patients’ stories and experiences, we can learn about the root causes of high-utilization behaviors, with the goals of not only improving care and quality of life for individual patients, but also identifying and advocating for the systems-level changes that could reduce the burden of high-utilization on society. The URMC Student Hotspotters were part of a national 10-institution cohort of student teams funded by the AAMC, Primary Care Progress, and the Camden Coalition to undertake a 6-month local effort in hotspotting. Their presentation will focus on the lessons they learned from working with four high-utilizing patients, and future directions for interprofessional student hotspotting efforts at URMC. Friday, April 3, 2015 Helen Wood Hall Auditorium (1W304) 12p – 1p